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What’s up!元気かい?I’ve got some hits coming up in March and April and I guarantee it will be pumping’! I’m bringing my axe, so you know it’s on!3月と4月は、いろんなライブをやるねん!きっと楽しいやで!Here are the dates and places:是非見に来てや!!



◎3/15 (金)LOUISIANA MAMA(なんば)
大阪市中央区宗右衛門町6-30 豊の家ビル2F
TEL 06-6213-0510
my old friend David Trask’s place. The gumbo is hittin’ too! Learn more by going to David’s facebook page(David R. Trask)

◎4/17(水)SWITCH(西梅田 here’s the website)
〒530-0002 大阪市北区曾根崎新地2-3-13若杉大阪駅前ビルB1F
TEL 06-6442-7331 learn more by going to their website :

◎4/26(金) MOONLIGHT CLUB(神戸:南京町),
神戸市中央区栄町通2-2-12 ヨーコービル 1F TEL078-333-1067
it was renovated just last month, a very cool place to hang and hear some good music. Here’s the website
for English, go here:

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