Artist: Freddie, Freddie Please, Mr. Freddie, Freddie P
Freddie “Please” Snedecor is a singer/songwriter, multi- instrumentalist, and producer from the U.S(Birmingham, Alabama). Throughout his career, Freddie has worked with international stars such as Janet Jackson, Cheryl Lynn, etc. Freddie has also worked with several top name Japanese artists such as HY, Monta Yoshinori, Kan, Masatoshi Nakamura etc. Since living in Kobe(from 1993)Freddie has been performing R&B, rap, pops, jazz,Gospel and rock with several original and cover bands.

In TV and films, Freddie was a semi regular on Shimura Ken’s DAIJOUBU DA, HIT STUDIO JAPAN, and other TV specials. Freddie also acted in the movie KUMA-CHAN(1993, starring Kusakari Masao).
Freddie launched his solo recording career in 2005, when he first started to sing ENKA(Traditional Japanese music. contrary to popular belief, Jero is not the first American to professionally perform Enka).Freddie's first Enka gig was in 2005 at Amayu House, Onsen located in Amagasaki,Hyogo Prefecture. The response was excellent. It was the first time a Westerner performed Enka there. Freddie did his first Enka/R&B Pop show at Seto Ohashi Hot Springs (Okayama City) in 2006. Since then, Freddie has created a new genre of music(En-Soul), based on his love for Enka and his R&B/Pop roots. The first two recordings are CHOTTO MATTE (2007)and KANSAI KUUKOU(2008).
On October 21, 2009, DeePee Records teamed up with Blues International Inc. to re-release Kansai Kuukou on its major label(P-Vine Records). This recording contains the previously released "Kansai Kuukou", "Chotto Matte", "Arigatou", Karaoke version of these songs, "Chotto Matte(Club mix)", plus "All The Way". En-Soul is here to stay.
On April 1, 2010, Sakura(the single) was released on (download only).

On January 19, 2011, Freddie's new CD, entitiled "My World, My Music", was released. In addition to several En-Soul songs,Contemporary Gospel,   pop-country, rock,Old-school and New-School  flavored R&B songs, this release debuted another genre of music entitled "En-Blues"!  Once you hear "Sabishii Shouchuu", I'm sure you will be able to  figure out why this is the perfect title for this genre.  20 songs are on this CD;  Antoinette(a.k.a. Anchan) is featured throughout the record and is singing lead vocals on "Pecchan Theme Song".
 The SAKURA Promotion video was released on March 31, 2011.
The Itoshino Kobe Promotion Video was released on June 26, 2011.
Freddie wrote a song for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami which occurred on March 11, 2011. This song, "GANBAROU JAPAN", was released on August 8, 2011. 
Freddie's 5th Release, "Freddie Five" was  released on December 3, 2012. May 10, 2013 "Sakura 2013 version" was released. 

In 2017,   a song entitled,"MENSORE" which was created during Freddie's stay in Okinawa as the General Manager of the The Hotel Azat.  In 2018, The Hotel Azat CM was recorded as well.

In 2019, Freddie began collaborating with  Lady V, a Bossa Nova/Jazz/pop/ artist, to form the recording duo Lady V Freddie.


YOKOHAMA, previously released in CD format, was released on January 20,2023 on all digital platforms. Freddie collborated with Yumiko to write  the ENSOUL song " 愛の橋", and is scheduled for digital release  release in April, 2023.  Freddie is corrently producing THE ENSOUL STORY,telling of the past ,present, and future of ENSOUL. Freddie is constantly recording new music. Please watch for upcoming releases.




フレディはアラバマ州出身のアメリカ市民です(アラバマ州バーミンガム)。彼はマルチプレイヤー、プロデューサー、エンジニア、D-Please Inc. プロダクションの社長です。 


テレビや映画では、フレディは志村健のDAIJOUBU DA、HIT STUDIO JAPAN、その他のテレビスペシャルのセミレギュラーでした。フレディは映画『クマちゃん』(1993年、クサクリ・マサオ主演)にも出演した。 

テレビや映画では、フレディは志村けんの「だいじょうぶだ」、「HIT STUDIO JAPAN」などのテレビスペシャルでセミレギュラーを務めました。映画「くまちゃん」(1993年、草刈正男主演)にも出演。

1993年、フレディは神戸に引っ越した。関西に来て以来、彼は自分のカバーバンドとゴスペルチームでツアーをしています。ソロアーティストとして、彼は様々なホテルや温泉で演歌を歌い始めた。彼は、伝統的な演歌タイプのメロディーとアメリカのポップ/R&B音楽制作を組み合わせたENSOULと呼ばれる新しいジャンルの音楽を作成しました。彼はP-Vine Recordsでデビューした。2019年、フレディはビビアン・ハーネズとコラボレーションし、レコーディングライブデュオLADY V FREDDIEを作成しました。


以前に CD 形式でリリースされた YOKOHAMA は、2023 年 1 月 20 日にすべてのデジタル プラットフォームでリリースされました。 Freddie は Yumiko と協力して ENSOUL の曲「愛の橋」を書き、2023 年 4 月にデジタル リリースが予定されています。Freddie は現在、ENSOUL の過去、現在、未来を語る THE ENSOUL STORY をプロデュースしています。フレディは常に新しい音楽をレコーディングしています。今後のリリースをお楽しみにしてください。