March 11, 2011: A day of rememberance

 Hello everyone,
a year ago today the world witnessed a major catastrophic event: The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and the subsequent Tsunami that followed.Countless video footage have been taken; countless news articles have been written etc.., so I won't reflect on the event itself. Instead, I will tell you what I have done and, equally important, what I would like for you to do, with regards to this devastation.......
When I heard about this disaster, my heart skipped a beat; for I too, was involved in a similar situation: The Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995. I know how it feels to be a victim. I also know how it feels to KNOW that someone somewhere cares about you and is sending love, hope, and prayers out for your well-being. In short, I know first-hand about the power of positive thinking.

With this in mind, I conceived a project.I call it the Ganbarou Japan Charity Project.

I wrote two songs last year, entitled, "God Bless You Japan", and "Ganbarou Japan". One is in English, and the other one is in Japanese. I wrote these songs to be used as a beacon of love and light to those in need. I also completed two videos, so that people all around the globe can "join hands" via the internet, and send out some positivity. Positive vibes can change things!

I was able to secure a sponsor who is willing to donate money to the earthquake/tsunami victims, on a "per click" basis. In other words, 10 Japanese yen(10 cents) will be donated for every person that views one these videos! The Sponsor's goal is set for 10,000 clicks(100,000 yen).
Afterwards the next sponsor will step up and donate money starting at click number 10,001, etc.
Isn't this a great idea?! What can you do, you ask? There are two things you can do:

WATCH THE VIDEO(S).Experience the "God Bless You Japan" and/or the "Ganbarou Japan" videos; and then ENCOURAGE your acquaintances to do the same. Spread The Love! 

DOWNLOAD THE SONG(S)You can download either(or both) songs FOR FREE by clicking here. I ask that you send a donation(the amount doesn't matter, give whatever your heart tells you). Of course this money will be handed over to the needy. If you decide not to donate any money, that is fine too. Simply knowing that you downloaded the song(s) is a sure sign that positive vibes are being sent throughout the universe! I'm serious yo!

Stop by the Hotel Tor Road here in Kobe, and see me! I have an orignal "Ganbarou Japan Poster", waiting for you!

If you want to do even more, you can BECOME A SPONSOR too! you can donate 1 penny(or 1 yen) on a per click basis! Simply send a message to and state how many "clicks" you are pledging.(for example you are pledging 100 clicks, (which is the equivalent of 1 U.S. dollar, or 100 yen), your click "range" will be sent to you.(for example, when clicks 20,000~20,100 are reached, you will donate 100 yen, or 1 dollar. It's simple!!
So let's do this. Let's send some Love! Stay up!
P.S. I will sendi some "thank yous" out to some very inportant people real soon. I want everyone to know just how much these individuals helped me to make this project happen.
Blog ya later!

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